Project Design is a wiki project devoted to making character art. You make your own character with one of the blanks below and put it up on the approval page for others to see. You do not need to use highlights or shading.

To join, post a message on the talk page.


Leader: Millie

Deputy: TBA

Snr Warriors: N/A

Mentors: N/A

Warriors: N/A

Apprentices: 'N/A'

Elders (inactive users): N/A

To become a warrior, an apprentice must have at least four chararts approved.

To become a senior warrior, a warrior must have been on this wiki for a month, have over 300 edits and have 12 chararts approved. They must also have mentored an apprentice.

Mentors are warriors or senior warriors who help the apprentices (new users) improve their four chararts.


Full credit to LindsayPrower on deviantArt for the blanks. Remember to right click and choose 'save as' and then open them into your image editing program for best results.

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