In each Tribe, there are several positions, like in Clans. Kits are given their position from the day they are born, based on body build and qualities.

Healer: The healer is like a medicine cat, but they are also the leader of the Tribe. They interpret signs from the Tribe of Endless Hunting.

Cave-guards: The strongest cats in the Tribe are chosen to be cave-guards. These cats fight for the Tribe, extend borders and protect the Tribe at all costs.

Prey-hunters: Only the swiftest cats are chosen to be prey-hunters. These cats hunt for the Tribe and are sometimes accompanied by cave-guards while hunting if danger is lurking about.

To-bes: These young cats are in training to become cave-guards and prey-hunters. Unlike Clan apprentices, they don't choose what rank they get when they're older.

Kit-mothers: These she-cats are carrying or have given birth to the new members of the Tribe. They sleep in a special, comfortable place and return to their duties once their kits become to-bes.


The Tribes believe in the spirits of their ancestors, otherwise known as the Tribe of Endless Hunting. The Tribe of Endless Hunting send dreams and omens to the Healer of the Tribe. When a Tribe cat dies, they join the Tribe of Endless Hunting. The only known cat to be in both StarClan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting was Feathertail.